Moving from NYC to Boston? Know These 3 Things First

Posted on: May 19, 2022

The cost


The cost of living in New York City is significantly higher than in Boston, so you’ll need to evaluate your finances before making a big move. Consider your current situation and future needs when relocating to a new area. Boston is much more affordable than New York City. The general cost of living is well above the national average in New York City, and rent and housing prices are at least 35% higher in New York City than in Boston. 

Housing options are more varied in Boston as well. The city offers more “bang for your buck” among hundreds of unique neighborhoods in either the city proper or along the outskirts. 

You’ll also need to consider moving fees. How much will it cost to move to Boston from your current location in New York City? What expenses are involved in hiring a moving company compared to renting a moving truck? Thankfully, Boston is just 200 miles from the Big Apple, which will take you roughly three hours to reach by car. Don’t forget to factor in gas prices! 

The culture


Boston is bursting with unique American history, and Bostonians are undoubtedly proud of it! When considering the move from New York City to this historic area, it’s important to remember that your new neighbors will be very into the culture of their beautiful city. Proud sports fans and dedicated to their community, the people of Boston are a lively and welcoming bunch. Be prepared for energetic game days, dozens of parades throughout the year, and unique festivals celebrating Boston’s history and the arts. You can find new things to learn and explore around every corner, and if you’re a gastronomy connoisseur, there are plenty of incredible restaurants, breweries, and wineries to try throughout the city. 

The convenience 


Much like New York City, Boston has many walkable downtown districts and is known as one of the nation’s most accessible (and bikeable) cities. Boston is much easier to navigate than New York and is less densely populated—there are fewer people to consider when commuting to work, shopping in the downtown centers, or visiting museums and popular attractions. New York City is the most densely populated city in the United States (with over 18 million residents), while Boston is home to 4.3 million people in a more expansive and sprawling metropolis. 

Amenities are abundant in Boston as well, and, with its central location and incredible transportation options, it’s an ideal city for those seeking a more relaxed atmosphere with plenty to experience. 

If you love city living but prefer a smaller community that values the arts, sports, luxury amenities, and upscale shopping and dining, making a move from NYC to Boston might be right for you. With some research and planning, you’ll have a seamless experience—and a few more dollars in your pocket to enjoy the best Boston has to offer. 


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